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Havanese puppies ready for adoption.  All puppies at Happy Trails Havanese are given temporary names for easy identification.
Below you will find a new litter of havanese puppies from Happy Trails Havanese.    We have put allot of  love into these havanese puppies, I feel the new havanese puppy owners who get these puppies will be very lucky, indeed.
You can find your new havanese puppy for sale at Happy Trails Havanese.   I have well socialized havanese puppies who are ready to become a part of your family.   I am a friendly HAPPY havanese breeder who breeds for the happiest havanese puppies you will find anywhere.   :))   It shows in our puppies, a extension  of my love and  devotion for the havanese breed.

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white havanese puppy, parti color havanese puppy, red havanese New litter of havanese puppies !   Call to reserve your new havanese puppy today ! 

havanese puppies available for adoption, please contact Marlene for more info..

havanese puppies are born with pink noses, which fill in black by 4 to 5 weeks of age.

havanese puppies are born with blue eyes, by the time they are 5 weeks old, the blue eyes will change to those gorgeous brown havanese eyes.
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Havanese puppies are here , if you are looking for a havanese puppy  to join your family, you have found the right place.   And yes,  we have a few  puppies left.         They are a fantastic group of Havanese puppies for sale !!!  Our havanese are bred to the old havanese standard, meaning they are NOT BIG and overgrown, they are just perfect for a family pet .  Site updated on  Wednesday  March 11th, 2015.    All puppies will be sold on a first come, first serve policy.    Our havanese puppies are considered available, unless a deposit or payment  has been received.     Please note new phone number 1-712-592-3525  

Snicker's, an adorable black parti colored male havanese puppy for sale at Happy Trails Havanese.   Such a cute little havanese puppy ! 
Snicker's our black parti colored havanese puppy !   Snicker's loves to get outside and try to keep up with his mom.   What a little sweetheart. 

Snicker's, always happy and always ready to play !    This little havanese puppy has  a beautiful coat, gorgeous eyes and is one of our favorites here.   If you are interested in him, please feel free to call.  
Havanese puppy for sale at Happy Trails Havanese.

Benji, the adorable black havanese puppy for sale at Happy Trails Havanese !   We are just 5 weeks old and already following everyone around and so intelligent.   This is a breeders glorious moment, when you can see that your puppies are highly trainable.   Knowing that they will become a great addition to their new families. 
Benji, one of the gorgeous havanese puppies for sale , here at Happy Trails Havanese.   Look at this boy, pretty pretty pretty and a snuggle lover too !!

Benji, our jet black havanese puppy with an adorable face !

Benji, cute havanese puppy available !

Gracie, our   beautiful  black havanese girl with big soft puppy dog eyes !    Gracie is one of our havanese puppies for sale .   She will make  a great addition to your family and black is one of the easiest colors to keep clean.   Gracie looks at you with such trusting eyes, what a nice havanese puppy ! 
Gracie, a special havanese girl here at Happy Trails Havanese.    Yes,  Gracie is available.  

Gracie, she is a jet black havanese girl puppy with just a little bit of white on her chest.   Gracie loves to get outside and enjoy a little sunshine, even if it is cold.   Gracie is available, please call.
Gracie, our beautiful black havanese puppy with big soft puppy dog eyes  ! She is definitely a heart breaker. 

If you wish to reserve one of our havanese puppies, please feel free to inquire by email or  you can call me.  Thanks and have a GREAT Day!   havanese puppies for sale!
Happy Trails Havanese has a new litter of havanese puppies for sale, they are OHH  so cute !    

Havanese puppies are one of the GREATEST things we have here on earth !   Havanese dogs meet you at the door every time you come home, they are always happy !   If you are not happy, your havanese puppy will work on you, until you are.   Havanese are absolutely wonderful, we couldn't imagine life without them.  

This is my Trophy  :)

Dad, Trophy a beautiful sable and white male havanese !!
Call Marlene at 1-712-592-3525
or email me at
for more information.

If you are interested in any of the havanese  puppies , please feel free to call me (Marlene) at 1-712-592-3525 or email me .

Special thank you to Christy, for making me the wonderful
graphics for my web site.   (Thanks Christy)

Please call Marlene at 1-712-592-3525  for more information about the havanese puppies or email me 
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If you are looking for a havanese puppy, please feel to call me (Marlene)
or email me and I will be happy to let you know what we have available.

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